Git and GitHub – Interview Q & A

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  • 15 July 2020 - 8 PM IST
  • Webinar - Zoom
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Git is a mechanism of VCS or Git is a distributed version control system.
Git is a distributed VCS, it has one remote/Central Repository and multiple Local Repos as cloned copies of Central Repository’s.
GIT Hub/GitLab/Git bucket – are implementation software of git.

Git Repository Structure
It consists of 4 parts:
Working directory
Staging Area/Index
Local Repository
Central Repository


  • Introduction To Version Control
  • Version Control Tools
  • Git & GitHub
  • Git Basics & Architecture
  • Features of Git
  • Git Operations and Commands
  • Difference between pull and fetch
  • Difference between clone and pull
  • Pull and Fetch best practices
  • Git & GitHub Interview Q and A

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