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Learn React JS and Redux including new features like hooks, context, error-boundaries.

Now a days, Many more top companies prefer to use the React JS because React is used to develop the complex single page web application. React JS is nothing Virtual DOM based open-source web application Library developed by Facebook.

React JS Training in Bangalore

React is a freely available open-source library, and front-end web application Library managed mainly by Facebook and a community of people and dealings to address many of the contests of single-page web application development. React is the most extensively used and current programming language used by the front end developers for mainly web designing. It is a Virtual DOM based program. It is used to build active and controlling web applications.

What is React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript library (not a framework) which is used to develop interactive User Interface’s. Currently it is the demand and most popular front-end JavaScript library. It deals with View in the MVC Application Pattern (Model – View – Controller).

HTML is a great declarative markup language for static web pages. It does not support much for building dynamic applications. So React Js will fill the gap.

As in React, the application is composed of different components. Each time any data is added, it will automatically update the specific component whose state has actually changed.

React is great for Single Page Application’s. Moreover, React is much faster as compared to the JavaScript frameworks. It makes use of the virtual DOM which minimizes the memory consumption and the DOM manipulation expenses.

React Course Road Map
React JS – Course Road Map

Career Opportunities:

  • Front End Developer
  • UI Developer
  • Web Developer
  • React JS Developer
  • Full Stack Developer – MERN


  • Basic HTML and CSS skills
    Intermediate JavaScript skills

Installations Required

Node JS & NPM – npm will be automatically installed on Node JS installation
Visual studio code(VS Code) IDE – used for writing code
Chrome browser – used for debugging


Agile Project Expert

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